Automate document processing with AI

Documents are important—for records, communication, collaboration, and even transactions. Yet millions of times per day, users rely on information that is locked in documents. This is a broad challenge across industries—affecting anyone who sends and receives paper documents, faxes, digital files, and/ or needs to keep records. It especially affects...

Unleash IT to Accelerate Radical Business Innovation

Companies are experiencing an innovation gap Business expectations and demands on the data centre are increasing and the impact on today’s data centres is staggering. The IT infrastructure struggles to keep up in a world of accelerating costs and declining operating budgets. It’s the 80/20 dynamic, where 80% of the...

How does investing in security impact business growth?

ThinkShield is Lenovo’s portfolio of secure hardware, software, and services—fully customizable to keep you ahead of dangerous breaches.   Download the report here