Ransomware Uncovered 2021/2022

The well-known complete guide to the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures of ransomware operators based on MITRE ATT&CK®


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The year 2021 was difficult one and the 2022 brings new changes and challenges around the world. Ransomware operators are not left aside: over the past year they got new development and same time their appetites have grown. While industries and businesses struggled to adapt, Ransomware is the enemy that never sleeps.

Rebrands and merges

New masks but the same faces of renowned ransomware operators

Astronomical ransom demands

It has become normal to see ransom demands in the millions of dollars

Growth Marketing

It has become normal to see ransom demands in the millions of dollars


In this report

New masks or game-changing participants? Ransomware-as-a-Service never ceases to impress and this year it is expanding not only quantitatively. Ransomware affiliates programs get not only new members in its network but weaponize them with upgraded tools, techniques and even service delivery.


Explore the newest heat map of ransomware operators’ TTPs

The future threat landscape

Read predictions on how threat actors will act in the coming year


Get tailored lists of mitigations for each tactic and technique

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