How to Automate Document Processing with AI- Read!

Documents are important—for records, communication, collaboration, and even transactions. Yet millions of times per day, users rely on information that is locked in documents.

This is a broad challenge across industries—affecting anyone who sends and receives paper documents, faxes, digital files, and/
or needs to keep records. It especially affects highly regulated industries including finance, healthcare, and government. Processing documents requires manual effort, traditional optical character recognition (OCR) software, and rules/template-based extraction. But this is expensive, error-prone, time-consuming, and voluminous. Take, for example, the 16.3M US mortgage applications from 20161 and the nearly quarter of a billion W2 tax forms expected to be processed in the US in 2018.2

Amazon Textract uses artificial intelligence to “read” documents as a person would, to extract not only text but also tables, forms, and other structured data without configuration, training, or custom code.

In this eBook, learn how Amazon Textract can help you extract data with accuracy, flexibility, and speed.

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