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The team


James Pearce

James is a combative technology journalist with over a decade writing about key technology trends for B2B publications.

During his time in the sector, James has interviewed executives at some of the biggest companies across the world, broken exclusive news across six continents, chaired countless panels in multiple languages, and overseen the launch of several new publications. Starting out as a reporter for local newspapers in his native northeast England, he began covering technology when he joined Mobile News Magazine. He then became senior reporter at Euromoney’s leading telecoms magazines, Global Telecoms Business and Capacity, before being promoted to Deputy Editor. James then moved to cover media technology at renowned broadcasting publication IBC.

James is a passionate supporter of Newcastle United and regularly plays squash and tennis. A born storyteller, James enjoys travelling the world and meeting interesting people, and helping them to tell their stories. He is also a keen mental health campaigner, having helped to establish (and chair) a wellbeing support group during his time at Euromoney.


Tinu Thomas

Tinu Thomas is a dynamic sales professional with over 12 years of international expertise in various sales and customer service oriented positions, with assignments that span the globe. Tinu enjoys a high level of cultural awareness which he leverages to provide an unmatched service to partners and clients.

Tinu is a passionate Barcelona FC supporter and enjoys discussing the Spanish Football League. Highly respected among his peers for his amiable and easy-going nature, Tinu’s farsighted and strategic insights make him indispensable to peers and clients.


Adrian Whitcombe

Adrian has twenty years’ work experience in the business technology sector.

He is driven by helping companies that have compelling missions to make the world a better place and is an early and growth stage investor in start-ups, including Tribe, ArtFinder, TipJar, Travala, pluumo, SkiYodl, emortal, and Johnny’s. Adrian also has a solid career track record, managing b2b brands, strategy, execution, budgets, relationships, and partnerships, on a global basis.

He’s married with two children and can occasionally be seen cycling around the Chilterns in the UK on either a road or mountain bike.

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