Meta’s layoffs and the challenges facing Big Tech

Mark Zuckerberg recently revealed that Meta is to axe around 13% of its workforce, with around 11,000 people set to lose their job at the Facebook-parent company. A year on from pivoting to focus on the metaverse, QDEx Labs CEO Walt Greene asks where it all went wrong for Meta

How Telehouse Europe is keeping its cool

With a rapid increase of digitisation across all industries, data centres are under pressure to keep their data centres cool and energy efficient


We speak to Stephen Mulholland, SVP for EMEA at Fivetran, about what challenges firms face when it comes to accessing data and how they can overcome this.

We speak with Nylas director of developer relations Ash Ryan Arwine about the importance of integrating APIs for enterprise operation tools.

We speak to Future Mobility Ireland CEO Russell Vickers about flying taxis, drones, and Ireland's first Vertiport.


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